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Solar Cylinders and Air Source Heat Pumps Reading

Go green and choose renewables with Solar Water Heating or Air Source Heat Pumps in Reading or Berkshire.

Renewable Energy with M & N Plumbing Ltd.

With the emphasis on ‘going green’ becoming more prominent, many are choosing to help reduce their carbon footprint by using air source heat pumps, solar energy or hydrogen-blend boilers to heat their properties. If installed by a certified installer such as M & N Plumbing, you may be entitled to Government funding.

Air Source Heat Pumps Reading - Heat Pumps - M and N Plumbing Ltd

Air Source Heat Pumps Reading & Berkshire

Air source heat pumps are an environmentally friendly way of both heating and cooling your home/business. The heat from external air is mixed with a refrigerant gas and passes through a compressor which transforms the gas to a hot liquid. This is used to heat the water inside the property, which then provides heating to your property using underfloor heating and/or radiators. If the water is stored in a hot water cylinder, it can also be used for baths, showers, and hot taps. To cool a property, there is a valve which reverses the refrigerant process. These are not suitable for all properties, so contact one of our heating engineers for advice if you are thinking of switching to this method of green energy. Government grants are available, where you could apply to receive £5,000 towards the cost of installation.

Air Source Heat Pumps Reading - Solar Heat Pipes - M and N Plumbing Ltd

Solar Water Heating

Another renewable energy source used to provide hot water is solar water heating. M & N Plumbing can install solar hot water systems in properties, where water is heated using radiation from the sun – drawn in using solar panels or collectors. We can provide and install a Worcester Bosch Greenskies solar thermal system, which is an efficient, quality product from a leading manufacturer.

Solar hot water systems provide around 60% of your home’s hot water requirement, so you will still require the back-up of a boiler or immersion heater for times when there is not enough energy generated by the sun. However, this system is compatible with either a current gas or oil fired regular or system boiler, or heat pump.  Not only will it reduce your energy bills significantly, it also helps to lower your carbon footprint. Contact M & N Plumbing for prices/information on solar water heating.

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